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Gorgeous Picture. The contrast is superb. No motion blurring or anything of the sort. Thin Frame. Right Price. Friendly remote. Intuitive on-screen menu.
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Fantastic Picture Quality, Incredibly Low Price – The Perfect Budget HD TV. Missing smart TV features and Wi-Fi connectivity. You won't miss it though if you have PS3 or other electronics with online features built in.
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Review Results

The Good The Bad
  • Very low price (around $1000)
  • Awesome picture quality
  • Incredibly thin (1 inch thick)
  • Good sound for a slim HD TV
  • HDMI/USB ports on the side not the back
  • Not 3D ready
  • No Internet TV
Our Overall Rating: 4.5

Picture Quality

Black Levels
The LG 60PA6500 has a new black filter that is a massive improvement on other recent models, meaning the blacks are extremely dark and inky whilst the whites are very light and clean. This allows for phenomenal contrast and provides huge amounts of depth, no matter how dark or bright the picture is.
Color Accuracy
The color accuracy is breath taking, as impressive as models that are over $2000 let alone for under $1000. The 1080p resolution and fantastic black levels, means the colors are rich, vibrant and deeply accurate.
Video Motion
The 60PA6500 has 600hz motion which is simply the amount of frames it shows per second, the higher the number the higher the quality and at 600hz this model is equal to TVs two or three times its price. This completely eliminates any motion blur and ghosting that you would normally experience whilst watching movies or live sports.
Bright Lighting
The Intelligent Sensor feature detects the amount of light hitting the screen and adjusts the picture accordingly, meaning no matter how bright or dark the room is, you will always get optimal picture quality. It is a completely automatic feature, so you won’t have to adjust or do anything.
The LG 60PA6500 has 1080p resolution so the picture quality is fantastic, at the same level as other top end high definition TVs. The out of the box picture settings can be to some people’s distaste so make sure you tweak it or get it properly calibrated to get the best picture quality possible.


The 60PA6500 does not come with built-in Wi-Fi but then again it does not have any built-in online features so there is really no need for it to be internet ready. It does however have 3 HDMI ports perfect for people with media players, game consoles etc and it also has a single USB port, which are all on the side of TV making it easy to change cables if you wall mount.
Sound Quality
The sound quality is best described as well above average for a thin HD TV, it’s simply not possible to fit a high quality sound unit inside such a slim TV. Whilst it is not vital to use a surround sound system, I would highly suggest it as it massively improves your viewing experience.
The LG 60PA6500 is incredibly thin, with the screen only being one inch thick, making it ideal for wall mounting. The bezel is slightly rounded around the corners of the television, which actually really improves the aesthetics and makes it very attractive looking.

Technical Specification

Resolution 1080p
MPRT 600Hz
Contrast Ratio 3,000,000:1
Auto Volume Leveler II (AVL) Yes
Clear Voice II technology Yes
Composite V/A In 1x
Component video In 1x
VGA D-Sub In 1x
Audio line In 2x
USB 1x
Length x Width x Depth 54.6 x 14 x 34.8 inches
Weight with stand 89.5 pounds
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