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Out of the box the images are spectacular, sharp, vibrant colors and deep blacks. 3D movie watching is stunning. Beautiful Frame. Easy to hook up external storage devices to view photos and videos.
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You cannot go wrong with this TV and 99% of people who buy it will be thrilled with the awesome cinematic picture, plus all the useful features it comes with. Another deciding factor could be the aesthetic design, as the bezel (the base) allows for much better positioning and angling.
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Review Results

The Good The Bad
  • Fantastic picture quality, thanks to the 1080p full HD and the Auto Motion Plus 240Hz
  • Plenty of connection ports so you can connect all your devices, plus Wi-Fi functionality
  • Internet functionality and 3D HD, makes this TV ready for the future
  • Perfect for high definition films, television and games
  • Sound quality is not as high as picture quality, this is the same for all flat screen TVs though
Our Overall Rating: 4.5

Picture Quality

Like every model in the 60 inch TV range, the Samsung UN60D8000 comes with 1080p full HD, meaning it can produce the best HD picture possible, however unlike most models it also has an LED backlight which means images are much brighter, crisper and sharper than normal HD TVs that use standard backlights.

It is also 3D HD compatible so you can watch 3D television, films and games in 3D HD, the Samsung UN60D8000 comes with two pairs of 3D glasses. These aren’t like the 3D glasses you get free in a cinema, but purpose made glasses for home use, they respond according to lighting in your TV room plus lots of other factors.

Sound Quality

If you read other reviews on this site or on the web then you will know that the major flaw with flat screen TVs are the sound systems. They are not bad, most casual viewers will have the sound adequate but the sound quality is never as amazing as the picture quality. This is simply because a great sound system cannot fit into such a thin and compact television.

To get the best sound for a flat screen TV like the Samsung UN60D8000 then you will really need to buy a dedicated surround sound system, as mentioned before the sound quality of this television is fine if you are just going to casually watch TV, but if you are into film epics, watching TV boxsets and playing action packed video games, then getting a surround sound system will greatly improve your viewing experience.


The Samsung UN60D8000 is an internet TV meaning you can connect it to internet via the built in Wi-Fi or through an ethernet cable, this is fantastic because you can easily access services like Vudu, Netflix, Hulu and so on. This just makes catching up with your favourite TV and films that much easier, it is much better than having to connect your PC to your TV everytime you want to watch something online.

The remote control for this TV has also been specially designed to accommodate for internet usage, as it comes with it’s own mini QWERTY keyboard so you can easily type keywords into the TV and film services available.

The Auto Motion Plus 240Hz feature goes a long way to improve the picture quality, as it actively adjusts the picture to make sure there is as little blur as possible. This is where you can really see a difference in quality between 60 inch TVs, the Samsung UN60D8000 has no blur at all, even during action packed films, television and games when the camera movement is very fast and erratic.

Technical Specification

Resolution 1080p
CMR 240Hz
Full HD 2D
Smart TV Yes
ConnectShare Movie Yes
Apps built for TV Yes
Web Browser Yes
AllShare Play Yes
Skype Yes
USB 3x
Ethernet 1x
WiFi Built-in
Length x Width x Depth 13.8 x 53.4 x 34.1 inches
Weight with stand 54.9 pounds
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