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LCD vs LED vs Plasma

LED screens are very much the new kid on the block but they are actually just LCD TVs with LED backlights. They are better than LCD screens and have made LCD screens redundant, since they offer high picture quality, lower power consumption and they are stunningl thin.
Plasma screens are well known for offering the highest picture quality and are perfect for movie buffs and gamers who want the best picture quality possible. They do have the highest power consumption but this is constantly improving. Also plasma screens are glass, so glare can be a real issue.
LCD TVs are the cheapest type of screen, as they offer the lowest quality relative to LED and Plasma screens. They are perfect for anyone who isn’t bothered about having super high picture quality and are looking for something on a budget.

Picture Quality

Screen Resolution
When looking at 60 inch TVs, you can almost ignore screen resolution since all the tops models will come with Full HD / 1080p, which is the highest and best screen resolution currently available.
Contrast Ratio
This is simply the televisions ability to show the brightest whites and also the darkest blacks. Contrast ratio is critical for picture quality as it massively affects picture detail and color accuracy. There is no industry recognised unit of measurement for contrast ratio, but reviews offering insight into black levels and color accuracy will help you massively, we offer those insights in our reviews.
Black Levels
Black levels are a TVs ability to show dark blacks, this is critical for dark scenes. As most televisions lose the ability to show any detail when the images are predominantly dark. When looking for TVs, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of black levels as it dramatically affects picture detail and depth.
Color Accuracy
This is exactly how it sounds, it is just how accurate a television can show colors. Obviously a TV with poor color accuracy will not offer good picture quality. A television with high color accuracy is crucial, as it offers fantastic picture detail and real depth that makes high definition images looking breathtaking.

Sound Quality

Most 60 inch TVs have relatively poor sound quality, simply because it is impossible to fit a high quality sound system into such a slim and compact unit. It is highly recommended that you get a surround sound system to accompany your 60 inch television, this drastically reduces the gap in quality between picture and sound.

Extras & Accessories

3D Capability
3D technology is an extremely new technology but it is possible to get a television with high 3D performance. Bare in mind that you will need a 3D Blu Ray player to watch 3D films, you will also need to have 3D glasses to view anything in 3D, both of these things are expensive.
Internet Connectivity
Nearly all televisions now come with some sort of internet connectivity, whether it is the ability to stream online content or get access to online applications. Most televisions come with built-in WiFi adapters and ethernet ports for wired connection.
Ports & Connections
In terms of ports and connections, you want to make sure you get at least 3 or 4 HDMI ports. The only way you can watch HD images from external devices, such as Blu Ray players and cable boxes, is through a HDMI cable. USB ports are useful as you can view content from USB drives on your TV.

Where To Buy? Internet Or Store?

Buy Online
You will get much lower prices online, compared to buying in store. After sales services is normally much higher with online stores as well. We highly recommend buying from Amazon as they offer the best prices for 60 inch TVs.
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