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A beautiful incredibly thin 60 Inch TV. Great picture quality at a great price per inch. Perfect TV for Gaming. Breathtaking. Bye bye movie theater! This TV is just awesome.
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Highly recommended. Fantastic television that offers outstanding value for money. Has full 3D functionality, 1080p full HD, an LED backlight, wireless internet connectivity and lots of helpful extras. It is completely future proof and one of the best TVs currently available in the 60 inch TVs bracket.
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Review Results

The Good The Bad
  • Picture quality and 3D functionality, both are as high quality as possible
  • Wide range of connection ports, meaning you’ll be able to fit multiple devices easily
  • Comes with built-in WiFi and an ethernet port. Internet connection is fast
  • Excellent price as similar priced models don’t have 3D functionality or many of the extra features
  • Very slim television, perfect for wall mounting
  • Brightness is slightly worse in 3D mode when compared to 2D mode, most people wouldn’t even notice it though
  • Sound quality doesn’t match picture quality, you’ll need to purchase surround sound speakers as well
Our Overall Rating: 4.5

Picture Quality

The Sharp LC60LE835U is a 1080p full HD television, so it comes with the best screen resolution currently available, meaning it has a stunning picture. It also uses an LED backlight to makes pictures look as bright and sharp as possible, plus it uses AquoMotion 240 technology to eliminate any screen blur that could be caused by fast motion, screen blur is usually seen when a camera moves very quickly.

The blacks levels on the Sharp LC60LE835U are fantastic, even during the most dark scenes, it can accurately portray a range of blacks. The colour accuracy is also extremely impressive, it can accurately show the dullest colours and the brighest colours. The outstanding colour accuracy of the Sharp LC60LE835U gives stunning depth and detail.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is not equal to the picture quality, but that is to be expected of in built speakers. To get the most out of this TV you will really have to buy some dedicated surround sound speakers. This problem isn’t exclusive to this television set though, any 60 inch TV will sound much better with surround sound speakers.

If you are the sort of person who loves watching films or playing games then buying a surround audio system isn’t an extra cost, it’s just as much an investment as the TV. It will dramatically improve your experience with the TV, and it will mean the audio is just as good as the picture.


3D Capability
The Sharp LC60LE835U has full 3D capability, you can watch 3D TV channels and watch 3D films with a 3D Blu Ray player as well. You’ll need to buy 3D glasses, which are sold seperately.
Internet Connectivity
You can connect via the built-in WiFi or with an ethernet cable. This allows you to access services like Netflix, VUDU, Blockbuster, Napster and others from your TV easily, this is perfect for watching movies, catching up on TV shows.
The feature called the VyperDrive game mode cuts out any lag time between your TV and games console. When this mode is active, transmission from your games console to your TV is five times faster when compared to standard mode.

Technical Specification

Resolution 1080p
Refresh Rate 240Hz
3D Yes
2D to 3D Conversion Yes
USB 2x
VGA 1x
Ethernet 1x
WiFi Built-in
Length x Width x Depth 14.4 x 54.4 x 35 inches
Weight with stand 83.8 pounds
Author: Gab Cervin ()


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