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A very attrictive 60-inch TV with lot of fun features. Exceptional Very Sharp Picture, Super Bright Screen. You feel like you are right in the picture. Worth it.
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An Incredible 60 Inch HDTV With Everything You Would Want Plus More. This Samsung LED TV is equipped with dual core processor. Voice Control or Dual View with Samsung phone or tablet, just a few to name from the number of great features.
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Review Results

The Good The Bad
  • Fantastic picture quality, both in 2D and 3D
  • Very slim and cool looking
  • Lots of useful online features
  • New voice control and touch pad remote control
  • Gesture controls is not a great feature
  • Some back light bleeding during 3D viewing
Our Overall Rating: 4.5

Picture Quality

The Samsung UN60ES8000 has exceptionally high picture quality, it uses the new Micro Dimming Ultimate technology to make sure there is a optimum screen uniformity, which means you won’t experience any back lighting issues, where you might notice that part of the picture is too light or too dark, instead the UN60ES8000 allows for natural brightness across the entire screen.

Picture depth and detail is fantastic, in both bright scenes and dark scenes, due to the impressive black levels on display. Most TVs will lose a lot of detail and depth during dark scenes, as the picture becomes washed out but the UN60ES8000′s very good black levels means you have just as much depth and detail during dark scenes as during bright, light scenes.

The color accuracy of the UN60ES8000 is great, all colors are natural and realistic, you won’t suffer from garish images or orange faces. Picture motion has also been significantly improved, with no color smudging ot unwanted light flickering and a huge reduction in screen blur allows for much smooth, cinematic pictures.

3D Quality

Before talking about the 3D picture quality, let me tell you that the UN60ES8000 comes with four pairs of 3D glasses, which is quite remarkable considering most 3D capable HD TVs don’t even come with one pair. They come with rechargeable batteries that you can charge via a USB port and they’re also compatible with other major brands such as Sony and Panasonic.

When viewing in 3D, the picture does not lose any brightness and it remains just as rich and clear as when viewing in 2D. The UN60ES8000 also does well when it comes to color correction and brightness compensation when watching 3D content, as previous models suffered from unnaturally dark and gloomy 3D pictures.

One major problem that previous Samsung 3D TVs had was ghosting (also known as cross talk), where the image separates into two images instead of staying as one 3D image. This problem has been dramatically improved with the UN60ES8000, to the point that ghosting isn’t visible at all or only on objects far in the distance.

One slight negative of 3D viewing is back light bleeding that can occur on the edges of the screen (especially in the corners), during dark scenes and images. Whilst this doesn’t affect every single UN60ES8000 model, it does decrease in severity or can completely go away after pro-longed use, which is said to be around 100 hours of use (known as the breaking in period).

Online Capability

Once you have set the internet up, you can access the Smart TV features, which comes with lots of apps, online services plus a few new services. One of the new services is called “Family Story” which allows you to create a password protected, private network with family members or friends, which allows you to share messages, photos and even share events via any Smart TV device.

Whilst the “Family Story” feature is quite cool and has obvious helpful uses, it offers nothing that other social media services like Facebook and Twitter do not offer already. Facebook and Twitter are some of the services you can also access, plus other popular services like Netflix and Skype. The UN60ES8000 comes with a built-in camera which is fantastic for Skype or similar services.

New Control Features

What sets the UN60ES8000 apart is the new control features, where you can actually control the TV using hand gestures, your voice and a touch pad. The hand gesture controls may sound the most impressive, but it does seem to have a lot of practical problems.

The hand gesture controls utilises the built-in camera placed on the top of the TV, it allows you to change channel and adjust volume plus lots of other functions with your hands. In theory, a fantastic idea but it is quite problematic, as the camera can be unresponsive or can misread body movements, which can cause unwanted actions like pausing a movie or switching off the TV accidentally.

The voice and touch pad controls are much better. The UN60ES8000 comes with two remote controls, a standard remote and also a Smart Touch remote. The Smart Touch remote comes with a built-in microphone so you can easily talk into the remote instead of typing when searching for something online or when you’re using voice activated controls for the TV.

The touch pad is like a mouse pad and your finger is the mouse, this is great for quickly selecting on-screen options and is a much improve alternative to using up, down, left and right to direct the cursor across the screen. The voice controls can easily be turned on and off, this is useful as it can accidentally execute an action (like turn the TV off or open up the TV guide) if you’re talking to someone or say something out loud.


It comes with built-in WiFi so you won’t have to worry about buying additional wireless adapters, you can easily connect to the internet straight away and it also comes with an Ethernet/LAN port so you can have a wired connection, which allows for a far stronger and steadier signal.

The Samsung UN60ES8000 comes with 3 HDMI and 3 USB ports, which might be enough for most people but for a top of the range 60 inch TV, you can’t help but feel that 3 HDMI ports is a little on the low side. You can always purchase a HDMI splitter but it would be better to have 4 or more slots, especially if you have multiple consoles plus other media players.

Sound Quality

Just like nearly every flat screen TV on the market, the sound quality from the UN60ES8000 is nothing to shout about. However you have to take into consideration, that when a screen is under 2 inches thick then it is simply impossible to fit a high quality sound unit. That’s why it’s impossible to find a flat screen TV with impressive sound quality, I’d highly recommend buying a surround sound system so the sound quality is just as good as the picture quality.


The Samsung UN60ES8000 has an extremely unique and stunning design. It comes with a silver bezel around the screen and the stand is two thick flat legs. It certainly makes a change from the usual black mundane stands you see, it will impress a lot of people by how original and inventive it is.

Technical Specification

Resolution 1080p
CMR 960
Full HD 2D
Smart TV Yes
Smart Hub Yes
ConnectShare Movie Yes
Apps built for TV Yes
Web Browser Yes
AllShare Play Yes
Signature Services Yes
Skype Yes
USB 3x
Composite In 1x
Digital Audio / Video Out 1x
Anynet+ 1x
Ethernet 1x
WiFi Built-in
Length x Width x Depth 53.9 x 8.3 x 33.4 inches
Weight with stand 67 pounds
The Package Contains
UN60ES8000 60-Inch 3D Slim LED HDTV 1x
Active 3D Glasses 4x
TV Stand 1x
Remote Control 1x
Documentation 1x
Author: Gab Cervin ()


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