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Staggeringly good picture. Finally, a plasma that looks good with the lights on. Amazing 60-Inch TV, absolutely beautiful.
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Fantastic Picture Quality. Built in Wi-Fi, Netflix and many Internet Apps that are fast and easy to use. Overall this 60-Inch TV is performing really great even in bright conditions, plus great wide angle viewing.
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Review Results

The Good The Bad
  • Awesome picture quality
  • Stunning black levels and colors
  • Fantastic 3D picture quality
  • THX Mode preset mode
  • Performs well in bright rooms
  • Low sound quality
  • 3D glasses not included
  • High power consumption
Our Overall Rating: 4.5

Picture Quality

Black Levels
The black levels are extremely impressive, very dark and inky, there was complete uniformity as well, no uneven darkness or lightness. Usually TVs will show shadows as one dark blotch, the TC-P60GT50 managed keep all detail and sharpness.
Color Accuracy
The color accuracy from VIERA TC-P60GT50 is almost identical to the Panasonic VIERA TC-P60ST50 but probably marginally better. It performed nearly as well as top of the range HD TVs that are twice the price of the TC-P60GT50.
Video Motion
Another area that the Panasonic VIERA TC-P60GT50 was impressive in was how well it dealt with fast motion video, we didn’t notice any blurring, ghosting or double images at all, even when viewing fast paced action scenes with lots of camera angle changes.
Bright Lighting
Plasmas have historically dealt badly with bright lighting, as it reflects with the glass screen but the VIERA TC-P60GT50 utilises a louvre filter which does well to reduce reflections and keep picture quality in tact.
The VIERA TC-P60GT50 comes with THX modes which automatically calibrates your picture to give you the best picture settings based on lighting plus other environmental factors, usually these pre-set modes are awful but not this one. The picture quality with THX mode turned on is just as impressive and stunning, as when we manually adjusted the picture settings ourselves. This is great for anyone who turns people’s faces pink when trying to calibrate their TV.

3D Quality

Most televisions will lose considerable picture quality when viewing in 3D, the VIERA TC-P60GT50 nearly maintains the same black levels and color accuracy, it is clearly a top model when it comes to viewing in 3D. We did notice some ghosting and cross talk but nothing that will ruin your viewing experience.

The color accuracy meant pictures were deep and rich, which really enhanced the 3D images. We did notice some flickering through our 3D glasses due to window light, not constantly but every now and then, which might be a draw back for some people viewing in bright rooms.


Online Capability
It comes with built-in Wi-Fi so you can connect to the internet straight away, if you have a Wi-Fi network, this is fantastic for anyone who hates ethernet cables trailing all across the house. The VIERA TC-P60GT50 comes with Panasonic’s Viera Connect which offers all the best apps including Netflix, Hulu, Twitter and Facebook. You can even Skype, Twitter or Facebook whilst watching TV with the new social networking split screen feature.
The VIERA TC-P60GT50 comes with 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports, which is pretty much the standard as of 2012. It also comes with a rare PC input too, which is a great feature for anyone who wants a 60 inch computer monitor.
Sound Quality
The sound quality left a lot to be desired, as typical with the majority of high end flat screens, due to the thin profile of the television it is impossible to fit a high quality sound system as it is simply too slim. We highly recommend you purchase a separate surround sound system so you can truly appreciate the TC-P60GT50.
The Panasonic VIERA TC-P60GT50 really is a great looking TV, it has a black band around the screen with a chrome strip around the edge. The stand has a two tone color appearance, which some people may like, most probably won’t though.

Technical Specification

Resolution 1080p
Refresh Rate 600 Hz
High Definition Full 2D and 3D
2D to 3D Conversion With Face Detection
Media Player (SD, USB, DLAN via LAN) Yes
Skype Communication Yes
Game Mode Yes
Social Networking TV Yes
E-Help Yes
Skype Ready Yes
USB 3x
WiFi Built-in
Length x Width x Depth 63 x 11 x 37.5 inches
Weight with stand 84.9 pounds
Author: Gab Cervin ()


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