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Screen Resolution

All resolution is, is the amount of pixels that a television has, for anyone scratching their head and wondering what a pixel is, a pixel is a tiny light, all these pixels together make up the picture.

Basically, the higher the resolution of a TV, the more pixels it has and therefore the better the picture is. More pixels mean a clearer and sharper image, as more pixels can be used to reproduce colors on a screen as they are in real life.

Full HD

Full HD is directly linked to screen resolution, it means that a television has the highest screen resolution currently possibly, so if a television is full high definition, it means that is can has 1920 x 1080 pixels, it also means the TV can transmit at 20, 25 and 30 frames per second.

Just because a television is capable of showing full HD, it will only show video in full high definition when what is being viewed is also full HD. It can transform a pixelated, old video into a high definition masterpiece. Therefore only some TV and film will fully justify full HD.

Black Levels

Black levels are the accuracy at which a television can produce blacks, from the lightest blacks to the darkest blacks. This is extremely important for effectively producing colours, as black levels heavily affect picture detail and depth.

If you are watching a film during an extremely dark scene, but you still get a highly detailed, accurate picture then that means the black levels are very good. A TV with poor black levels will normally appear extremely gloomy and dull, meaning you lose any definition or detail.

Game Mode

This is a picture setting that is increasingly coming as standard with TVs, this is best settings for gaming as configured by the manufacturer. The main goal is to increase responsiveness of the controller. In addition to that it usually also reduce brightness and video buffering.

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