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Picture Quality

Both TVs are 1080p full HD and are LED screens, the picture is very bright and sharp. Both televisions are capable of producing extremely accurate black levels, this is essential for a high quality picture, especially when watching dark scene during a film. Both televisions perform well in terms of color accuracy, this is vital for providing pictures with depth and detail.

Both TVs suffer zero motion blur, thanks to the Samsung’s Clear Motion 960 and Sharp’s AquoMotion 240′s technology, this is great if you love watching action packed films or playing high octane games when there is a lot of fast on-screen movement.

Verdict: Draw. Both TVs have relatively poor sound quality, we recommend buying surround sound speakers.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is a long running problem with 60 inch TVs, it is currently impossible to fit high quality speakers into such a slim and compact television, this means the sound quality suffers and is usually poor. This is no different with the Sharp LC60LE835U and Samsung UN60D8000, where the picture quality is outstanding and sound quality is lacklustre.

Verdict: Draw. Both TVs have relatively poor sound quality, we recommend buying surround sound speakers.

3D Performance

Both TVs have 3D capability, in our opinion the Samsung UN60D8000 has superior 3D technology, it loses zero picture quality when you switch from watching in 2D to 3D. However the Sharp LC60LE835U dips in quality, when watching in 3D the picture does darker and you lose some brightness.

Verdict: The Samsung UN60D8000 wins. The picture quality is just as high in 3D as in 2D.


Both televisions come with built-in WiFi adapters, so you can instantly connect to the internet straight out of the box. The Samsung UN60D8000 has Smart TV which means you can easily add lots of apps and access services like NetFlix but you can also check your Facebook or Twitter, which is made easier with the remote control which has a QWERTY keyboard on the underside of it.

The Sharp LC60LE835U also allows you to access online services as well, such as Netflix, CinemaNow, and Vudu. It also comes with a game mode called VyperDrive, this completely removes any lag time between the television and your games console, when activated transmission between the TV and games console is five times faster, this is a great feature for any gamers.

Verdict: The Sharp LC60LE835U wins. The VyperDrive game mode is the difference.


Sharp LC60LE835U
The price at Amazon is currently around $2,800 – check the price here
Samsung UN60D8000
The price at Amazon is currently around $2,300 – check the price here

Final Verdict

Overall, the Sharp LC60LE835U is the better choice, simply because it offers better extras and the price is much, much lower. In terms of picture quality, both TVs offer exceptionally high performance. The Samsung UN60D8000 offers slightly better 3D performance.

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